Hello, I'm Mazen,

My name is Mazen, but I prefer to be addressed as Devalo.

I’ll provide you with a brief glimpse representing only 1% of my identity.

My name is Mazen, but I prefer to be addressed as Devalo.

My personality is characterized by uniqueness that manifests in all aspects of my life. Commitment and excellence are the essence of my character, and I am always prepared to explore new challenges that contribute to my continuous development and the achievement of my goals in this beautiful world.

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Primary Educational Qualification

Despite my lack of enthusiasm for academic routines, I successfully obtained an associate’s degree in Computer Science, specifically specializing in Network Systems Management. This achievement serves as a powerful motivator for excellence and personal development. It is not just an academic accomplishment but one of the proudest achievements in my life.

I completed my studies with pride at the College of Telecommunications and Electronics in Jeddah. This accomplishment inspires me to explore more opportunities and achieve further success in this exciting world.

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