Who am I ?

Who am I ?

In a professional context, I am an expert in the development of electronic applications, having established a range of innovative applications in various fields. My projects include applications for clothing as well as those specialized in the restaurant industry, aiming to provide unique user experiences and meet the needs of individuals and businesses in these important sectors.

My applications are characterized by innovation and great attention to meeting the needs of the user communities in the fashion and food domains. These experiences and achievements come together under the umbrella of my creations, reflecting my commitment to delivering high-quality services in the world of smartphone applications.

I am also passionate about the world of web design and development, possessing a broad background in designing and implementing attractive and functional websites using a variety of programming languages. My enthusiasm for design and development allows me to integrate creativity and technology to create unique online user experiences.

I always strive to keep up with the latest design trends and web development techniques, working diligently to develop attractive user interfaces and improve website performance to meet the needs of users and clients.

In a personal context, I’ve simply told you who I am from the start.👀

The story begins from this date 1996

Summary of Work Experience

Project Management Coordinator and Executive Secretary Period January 2021 - Present

Executive Secretary
Period: July 2019 - January 2021

Period: September 2018 - July 2019

Customer Service - Manager
Period: November 2018

Customer Service Basics
Period: 2016-2018

Data Entry
Period: 2012 - Present

Electronic Archiving Applications
Period: January 2021 - 2022

Content Writer
Period: November 2019 - Present

Website Designer
Period: November 2017 - Present

App Designer
Period: November 2021 - Present

Life Enthusiast
Period: April 1996 - Present


Readiness to use computer programs and applications in various fields
Critical thinking ability
Effective communication skills
Administrative organizational ability
Complaint and problem-solving skills
Effective decision-making
Efficient time management
Strategic planning ability
Administrative leadership
Economic analysis capability
Effective organizational decision-making
Proficient negotiation skills
Effective team management
Efficient information organization and storage
Advanced presentation skills
growth and success in all aspects of life

Personal Aspects

In addition to my professional skills, I am an individual with diversity and uniqueness in daily life. I take care to achieve a balance between work and personal life, enhancing satisfaction and adaptability in diverse environments. I am pleased to achieve a proper balance between professional challenges, moments of relaxation, and dedicating time to hobbies and personal activities. This life diversity contributes to enhancing my vision and inspiration to achieve

My hobbies are diverse and include playing chess and experimenting with swimming. I enjoy listening to music for relaxation and quiet contemplation, as well as indulging in periods of mental brainstorming for thinking and creativity. Additionally, I consider sleep and making productive use of my time throughout the day important. I always strive to fill my time with meaningful activities to avoid leaving any gaps, contributing to the improvement of my daily life quality.

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