My Professional Journey

In my professional journey that transcended the boundaries of my core specialization, I experienced diverse and exciting challenges, painting a unique picture of my career.


My Professional Journey

My journey began as a student and employee in the field of information technology at the same college where I received my education. I developed a particular interest in the world of computers within the network environment, gaining rich experience in administrative, supervisory, and technical tasks. I excelled in identifying, configuring, monitoring, updating, and troubleshooting network devices, with the ability to adapt, understand, and analyze new tasks in the realms of computers and network technology.

In a different context, I ventured into another world during my studies, working for one of the most renowned fast-food companies, under the umbrella of Sheikh Abdul Rahman bin Ali Rida’s company, McDonald’s. Here, I challenged myself by building my first team and training employees, assisting them in improving their work performance and enhancing their skills. Facing challenges, I sought to develop myself and the team in executing tasks at the restaurant and serving customers with pride and distinction, adding depth to my experience and broadening my mindset.

In the subsequent phase following graduation, I joined one of the most prestigious global brands under the umbrella of Al-Shaie International Company. Despite its brevity, the experience was exquisite. The upscale environment and the new tasks assigned to me provided a welcome departure from the perpetual hustle of restaurants, and thankfully, it proved to be a unique experience for me. It had a profoundly positive impact on my mindset, prompting me to focus more on the retail clothing sector. During that time, I attempted to launch an electronic application, which unfortunately turned out to be a significant failure.

¬†Nevertheless, life’s journey continues, and its beauty lies in both positive and negative experiences alike.

Transitioning to my last job was a dream and pride for every citizen. Thanks to God, I was able to achieve this dream through my proud service in the military sector for five years. I immersed myself in various administrative and field tasks, gaining experiences and friendships that are unforgettable. I am always grateful to God for these wonderful opportunities and for the beautiful years I spent serving my dear nation. In conclusion, I apologize for my inability to describe that wonderful experience in a few lines to conclude a real experience filled with pride and honor.

One of the leaders said: “The military uniform is not just attire; it’s a symbol, a spirit, and a source of pride and honor until the last moment of life. I am always proud and honored of this spirit.”

Among my diverse goals was to establish a distinguished, creative, and ambitious team, all united under one banner. Thanks to God, this goal has been achieved. In my current professional journey, I am the founder and leader of the Smart Applications for Commerce Foundation team.


Thanks to my previous experiences and expertise in various fields, I have acquired exceptional skills in technical, operational, and managerial aspects. These skills include the ability to develop smart applications and efficiently manage operations. I consistently strive to improve performance and achieve set goals.


I am grateful to God and to all team members and everyone who contributed to the success of my journey towards achieving my goals.

Yes, this is my profile that speaks about me. I believe we will be in touch soon, so please feel free to reach out. I look forward to getting to know you, and I hope you won’t be a stranger. Thank you.

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